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SYSTEMA PRO is the first microphone system designed specifically for the handpan.
It is composed of two microphones with magnetic hooking for a stereo sound and a battery powered preamplifier.
Easy set-up and great sound!


INTEGRA V1  is a new type of microphone designed to be integrated in any Handpan. It’s specifically designed to catch the vibration of the instrument, providing a clean and warm sound avoiding any external intereferces. 

Compared to piezoelectric transducer sensors it has way more dynamic and sound quality. Install on any Handpan putting it inside the bottom shell and drilling a small hole for the 6.3mm Jack output.



PROXIMA 01 is a tiny contact microphone composed by a preamp and a microphone equipped with magnets. It can be easily applied to handpans or any other musical instrument made in steel, thanks to its magnetic hooking system. It also fits on non magnetic surfaces by using an adhesive paste.


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