SYSTEMA PRO is the microphone system developed specifically for the Handpan to provide a high sound quality with minimal effort. The system is composed by a preamp and two microphone holders, designed to stick directly to the instrument with magnets. The two microphone capsules have a 180° range and are optimized to capture a balanced stereo sound avoiding any typical set-up issue of any other miking recording techniques. SYSTEMA PRO offers an easy carriage and a long term performance due to the compact and durable aluminum enclosure and the low absorbing energy.

Main Features

Magnetic holders for quick connection to the instrument. Modified omnidirectional polar plot with a range of 180°. Pre-mixed channels with 10% of crosstalk and balanced output. Close miking technique, allowing record in hi-fi the typical inflections of the Handpan. High quality components. Two microphones for a stereo sound. Low-energy functioning and 9V battery.

Magnetic System

Snap the two microphone holders to the rim of your handpan, as described in the picture below.


– Sensitivity

– Output Impendace

– Max Level Output 

– Frequencies Range

– Separation (channel)

– S/N Ratio 

– Distorsion 

– Power Supply

-42db F=1kHz

2.2k ohm


-3dB 30Hz/22kHz

more than 40dB


0.05% at 1kHz/1v

9V Alkaline

Polar Pattern

System Composition

Two microphones with mini XLR plugs Dedicated preamplifier


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